Let’s get started, shall we?

The idea of a Manitoba Beer podcast started, naturally, over beers.

Around the table one evening, all agreed that there’s a lot of great beer coming out of the breweries of Manitoba.

Craft brewing allows for nimble innovation. New breweries, each innovating with new core pours, seasonal varieties, one time knock-offs. Hard to keep up.

That, and the challenge of knowing WHERE to get your hands on your favorite beer. Is it available at the vendor, the Liquor Mart, or do you absolutely have to go to your favorite taproom, growler in hand?

And…you can raise the confusion level, by a factor of at least two, for the folks at this particular table… Folks who live and work outside Winnipeg need to expend a little more effort to get their hands on what they love.

So, the consensus that night was there needs to be more information out there, an entry-level guide if you will, on the matters of “What’s out there/Who stocks it/How do I get my hands on it?”

Thus, this podcast. Your humble host will carry his suitcase studio anywhere there’s a beer tap, to let the brewers, distributors, and other interested parties talk about their passion. And to let beer enthusiasts know where to find new and great beer.

So…welcome to the Beercast. The carpentry on the website is a little rough. I might change the paint colour…or there the dang thing down overnight, to give it a different look. But let’s get the table to the centre of the room, the stools pulled up, and let’s get this thing started.