Beercast 001 – “Be that Guy. Ask for local beer.”

Welcome to the first episode of the Beercast.  In the weeks to come, we hope to talk to folks in the industry about their passion, and talk about how to get your hands on the locally brewed beer that you love.

After a wee bit of throat clearing, we kick off the Beercast with a reading for a blog post of mine over at from 2020, called “Be that Guy. Ask for Local Beer“. It’s the closest this podcast will come to a manifesto. Think of it as a way of setting the table for the coming weeks.

Also debuting this week is the first episode of “Beer in the Wild”.  In hopes of getting more Manitoba beer to folks outside Winnipeg’s Perimeter Highway, this feature will highlight vendors, stores, and bars featuring Manitoba brewed beers, as a way of building availability of the good stuff to the legion of Rural Beerheads.

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