Beercast 007 -Tasting rooms are now just small bars

Around 4:30 pm on September 1, 2023, the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba sent out one torpedo of an email to every taproom in the Brewery industry in this province:  You’re all classified as age restricted.  In two weeks time, you can’t have kids in your establishments. The timing was funky, the rule […]

Beercast 006 – Who’s a Good Sport?

…and we’re back! Today the Beercast finds that the beer choices at certain sports venue aren’t what they could be…but one team as gone “all in” on local brews.  Andrew Collier of the Winnipeg Goldeyes ( talks about how the club decided to feature nothing but draft and cans brewed in Manitoba.  He talks about […]

Beercast 005 – Fort Garry Brewing

Scott Shupeniuk of Fort Garry Brewing joins the Beercast for a primer on the company’s past, present, and post-COVID plans.  Manitoba Liquor Mart’s website search function gets the nod in this episode’s “Beer in the Wild” survival tools edition. Follow us on twitter at @mbbeercast.  Our email is  The web site is

Beercast 004 – The Return of the Taprooms

Spring 2021 sees the return of Manitoba brewery taprooms, as the Liquor, Gaming & Cannabis Authority will allow them to re-open.  However they have to play by the same rules as restaurants and beverage rooms. We quickly rip through the rules (prepare to have dinner at the taproom). Also, hats off to Devil May Care […]

Beercast 003 –’s Cody Lobreau

Episode 3 of the Beercast features an interview with Cody Lobreau of Cody started reviewing the beers at his local Liquor Mart in the golden age of blogging, and the Beercrank continues to be a great resource for Beerheads.  (It also features the best section on the web for non-alcoholic brews). The episode also […]

Beercast 002 – Black Wheat Brewing

Episode 2 of the Beercast answers the long-standing question: When the heck is Brandon getting a craft brewery? The answer is soon, as Black Wheat Brewing ( is starting to ship product into the Brandon market, and is putting the finishing touches on their 10th Street home. We talk to Ted Birch, part of the […]

Beercast 001 – “Be that Guy. Ask for local beer.”

Welcome to the first episode of the Beercast.  In the weeks to come, we hope to talk to folks in the industry about their passion, and talk about how to get your hands on the locally brewed beer that you love. After a wee bit of throat clearing, we kick off the Beercast with a […]

“Manitoba Beercast” Trailer

Explore Manitoba’s growing brewing industry with the Beercast.Each week, we’ll talk to brewers, distributors, and others in the industry.We explore the wide variety of beers from craft and consumer breweries, and tell you how to get your hands on great locally brewed beer. Pods will drop weekly, at all the leading platforms, and at […]

Let’s get started, shall we?

The idea of a Manitoba Beer podcast started, naturally, over beers. Around the table one evening, all agreed that there’s a lot of great beer coming out of the breweries of Manitoba. Craft brewing allows for nimble innovation. New breweries, each innovating with new core pours, seasonal varieties, one time knock-offs. Hard to keep up. […]